Artikler og bokanmeldelser

Morgenbladet, 03-09.feb -17: Sneversynt om psykologisk kunnskap.

Bokanmeldelse: Siegfried Zepf: Why Oedipus did not have an Oedipus complex

Bokanmeldelse: Elisabeth Roudinesco: Freud in his time and Ours

Life Coach: NEUROSCIENCE CONFIRMS: It’s Unbelievable How Much The Subconscious Shapes Our Reality!

A Freudian theory, now backed up by neuroscience, explains why so many fear clowns

Bokanmeldelse: Michael Eigen, «Under the Totem: In Search of a Path» (sept. 2016)

Bokanmeldelse: Annie Reiner, «Of Things Invisible to Mortal Signs» (2016)

Bokanmeldelse: Vigdis Hjorth, «Arv og miljø» (2016) i Morgenbladet og NRK.

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